Dads Cook Good Food

For dads who enjoy cooking for their families

Kitchen Tips


Being a former Science teacher has its benefits when it comes to cooking. When I was about to cook breakfast this morning, I realized that the bacon was mistakenly placed in the freezer so thawing it would take time and using a knife to remove the bacon strips would likely tear the strip. So I asked myself, “How will I remove the bacon strips from each other quickly without tearing it?” Then I remembered convection! I placed the bacon on a small aluminum baking pan and laid it on top of the bigger pan. Then I poured boiling water around the bigger aluminum baking pan and covered the pan with an identical baking pan. Within minutes, the bacon strips slid off without tearing! 😀

Using Mother Nature

pot in snow

A tip I got from my cousin: take advantage of Mother Nature even in cooking! She was referring to winter, in this case, to remove the lard from the beef stock. Instead of putting the pot in the fridge, I place it in the porch overnight. Temperature was below zero then. The next day, I took out the lard (see photo below) and our family enjoyed clear and healthier soup! 🙂


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