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Daddy Anecdotes

Nowie strawberry dessert1

The Missing Piece

On our way home, my daughter was her usual inquisitive self, looked at the blue sky and noticed the crescent moon.

“Daddy, look at the moon. It has a missing piece…”

“Yes, it does. It’s called a crescent moon,” I said, as I began to engage her in a conversation.

“We have to help her look for the missing piece.  The piece is in my computer. It’s in my computer…”

Did you put chocolate chips?

Last fall, my daughter took interest in helping my wife bake banana cake. While she was observing my wife mixing the batter, she asked her:

“Are you planning to put chocolate chips in the batter instead of walnuts?”

“No, why?” my wife asked.

“Well, I’m sure it will taste good,” she said as if she has tried it before.

My wife thought that it might just be a good idea, took her advice and baked two versions of the cake: one with chocolate chips and the other laced with walnuts . Guess which of the two cakes was over in two days? Your guess is as good as mine. 🙂

Dad or Mom?

In a conversation with my daughter, I asked her if she can tell the difference between Dad’s cooking and Mom’s cooking:

She: Oh yeah.

Daddy Jay: So what’s the difference between dad’s cooking and mom’s cooking?

She: Mom’s cooking is healthier while Dad’s cooking is junkier! 😀


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