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Summer food tripping at the Maritimes

Stanley river

A view of the Stanley River and some fishing boats from Carr’s Oyster Bar in Prince Edward Island

Summertime at the Maritimes means an abundance of seafood! Our friends and I did the ultimate roadtrip to the provinces of New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island last week and enjoyed some of the best food from these provinces. We were in awe of the sights (a day is not enough!) but most of all, we enjoyed the foodtrip! In fact, at the moment we arrived at New Brunswick, our friends welcomed us with a warm meal of lobster, corn or rice and green salad for dinner. The generous serving of one lobster per person was more than enough for our mouths to drool! It was like a good sign of more delicious things to come! 😀

Lobster dinner

Lobster for everyone!

Our next stop was at Alma Lobster Shop, a restaurant and store by the Bay of Fundy at New Brunswick. I heard that locals flock to this store to enjoy the different ways of cooking lobsters. The service was slow but the food is definitely worth the wait. I had a lobster roll and seafood chowder and both were really delicious! The chowder was the best that I have tasted! It had generous chunks of lobster meat, mixed shellfish, and potatoes stewed in thick, delicious creamy soup. The freshness of the ingredients is distinct! The lobster roll was so yummy that I’m beating myself up for not ordering two rolls. Yup, it’s that good!

Lobster seafood chowder

Lobster seafood chowder

Lobster roll

Lobster roll

The next day, we visited Prince Edward Island (PEI) and had lunch at the Carr’s Oyster Bar in Cavendish. We dined at their deck overlooking the Stanley Bridge, made famous for local kids jumping on the Stanley River.


The deck at Carr’s Oyster Bar

Seafood was definitely on our list (as if we could not get enough!) and we had generous servings on our plates! My friend did not let the day pass without ordering a plate of seafood sampler consisting of 1 lb lobster, pan fried haddock and oysters, seared scallops and shrimps served with PEI potatoes, melted butter and tartar sauce!

Seafood sampler

Seafood sampler

The wife and I decided to try out their combo of clams, mussels, oysters, and quahogs steamed in wine and garlic and served with warm Portuguese bread and butter. The hint of sea salt with white wine and the spice of garlic on the seafood drizzled with butter lingered on our palates for quite some time.

Seafood combo

Clams, mussels, oysters and quahogs steamed in wine and garlic!

My daughter tried out their Oyster Po’ Boy: deep-fried oysters with green lettuce, fresh tomatoes and dill served on a warm and lightly toasted roll and generous PEI fries. To this day, she pines for the taste of this culinary delight!

Oyster Po' Boy

Oyster Po’ Boy

One of our friends, who never eats raw seafood,  challenged herself to eat fresh oysters. After garnishing it with salt, lemon and some Tabasco sauce, she thought of biting and chewing the fish meat instead of slurping it down. She enjoyed it and apparently, this is how raw oysters should be eaten to get the full flavour.

Fresh oysters

Fresh Malpeque oysters served with lemon, hot sauce, and a cocktail sauce for garnish

On our way home, I saw some houses painted in sea blue, algae green or salmon pink by the river. I was told that the fisherfolk used leftover paint from painting their boats to paint their houses. This helps them identify their houses from afar, especially during winter time when there is much snow and less light.  If this was indeed true, then the fisherfolk who deliver us the sea’s bounty during summertime can even see the colours of the sea in wintertime. Maybe seeing colours in the dead of winter makes them look forward to the promise of life in spring. 🙂

Colourful houses

Colourful houses by the French river at the PEI

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