Two dads who enjoy cooking for their families

Meet the Dads!

Hey! Dads can cook too! Here’s a blog created for dads like us who love cooking and eating with their families.

Both with Capampangan lineage, Daddy Robert and Daddy Jay are doctors who enjoy cooking and eating good food.

The recipes, anecdotes or stories about food that are posted here were passed on from their own families, friends and fellow foodies who have influenced and pique their interest in cooking.  Their wives , who are no nonsense good cooks as well, make sure that everything in the kitchen is in order. Their children, who are their dads’ food critics, give them adequate feedback; only after filling their tummies to the brim.


2 thoughts on “Meet the Dads!

  1. hi jay, ikaw pala ito!!! the recipes look yummy…i already bookmarked for my retired husband who is now making my kitchen his own…pero, parang complicado yung ibang recipes…or at least, marami masyadong kelangan…but good job! 🙂 sino yung partner mo? -ces

    • Hey Ces! Thanks for your comment. Masyado bang kumplikado? hehehe…thanks for the feedback. The co-author of this blog, Robert, is my best friend from high school who also loves to cook for his family. Baka may recipe yung husband mo na puwedeng i-share sa blog. 🙂

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