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Eggselent Eggs Benjamin (!) with Hollandaise Sauce


I have been exploring how to make quick and delicious breakfast meals after my friends requested me to prepare my lemon buttermilk waffles. This was a variant of the orange buttermilk pancakes I prepared for the June 1 blog, only that I realized that using lemon for buttermilk is best for waffles. Incidentally, the recipe was also featured in the July 2014 issue of Appetite magazine.


breakfast pic

(Photos courtesy of Toots Manuel)

In any case, I checked Food Network to look for Eggs Benedict, a rich breakfast sandwich consisting of ham or bacon, poached egg, and Hollandaise sauce. Apparently, it was allegedly made as a cure for a hangover and the first Eggs Benedict was made south of the border in New York City (it’s American after all!). Checking the trusty old Wikipedia, Eggs Benedict has a lot of variations based on the meat that goes with it: Eggs Blackstone (uses steak instead of ham or bacon), Huevos Benedictos (uses Mexican chorizo). Interestingly, I also read that the dish is called Eggs Benjamin in some parts of Canada (uses smoked salmon) and yes, a Filipino version of Eggs Benedict (replacing the English muffin with a Pinoy sweet bread called ensaymada)!


To give the dish a Canadian twist, I thought of using Canadian Peameal Bacon (which an American friend of mine refers to as ham) and I stumbled upon Tyler Florence’s recipe, which includes Hollandaise sauce that’s easy to make. I did not alter the recipe, except I thought of adding lemon zest to the Hollandaise sauce. It took me about 20-30 minutes to prepare two dishes, assembly included! And the Hollandaise sauce was almost perfect! Not bad for a first timer! 😀

What about my kids’ verdict? Well, one of my daughters said she wished I prepared two sandwiches for her. Here’s Tyler Florence’s link to the Hollandaise sauce recipe and how to assemble the Eggs Benedict. Check it out and enjoy!

Eggs Benjamin


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