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Nowie’s Yogieberry Delight!


Nowie strawberry dessert1

“Noelle is a magician in the kitchen!” So goes my other kid who discovered her sibling concocting a delicious snack for herself.

My wife and I were not surprised with our daughter’s recent kitchen adventure since our kids have always seen us prepare food at home. In fact, as soon as they are able to help us at the kitchen, we encouraged them to assist us in planning the menu as well as in preparing our meals. Sometimes, they find food preparation or cooking as a chore to avoid; but often times see it as an opportunity to think of dishes they would love to eat. This includes eating snacks even after dinner, which can be a bit challenging because like most kids, ours would occasionally ask for salty or sugary snacks such as chips, cookies, and soda pop.

However, despite the threat of TV commercials that constantly egg us to buy these products; our kids’ school is doing a good job in promoting healthy eating! As a matter of fact, Noelle commits only to ‘healthy food only’ like a mantra.

Recently, my wife discovered that Noelle prepared a simple healthy snack at the kitchen which she thought of herself. Using only ingredients she found at home, she prepared this snack (or dessert) over the weekend, much to our delight. I thought of featuring her recipe for this week’s blog as a way of encouraging you, dear readers, to allow your child to explore and prepare food that she can enjoy for herself!

Nowie’s Yogieberry Delight

5 pcs. of medium strawberries
1 100 gm. of yogurt
1 tbsp. of honey


1. Prepare all ingredients. Wash strawberries gently in a bowl of cold water and pat dry with paper towels.

2. On a cutting board, gently remove the stems and the hull of the strawberries.

3. Slice them into thin slices from the centre.

4. Put the sliced strawberries in a small bowl and add yogurt.

5. Drizzle the strawberry and yogurt with a teaspoon of honey.

6. Serve immediately and enjoy! 😀

Noelle strawberry dessert2


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