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When a Famous Chef Cooks Up a Children’s Storybook…

pancake 7

Whoa…a delicious and healthy pancake recipe in a children’s storybook? Yup, that’s what “Tyler Makes Pancakes” by famous chef Tyler Florence is all about. Inspired by his own early experiences of cooking as a kid and being a dad himself, Tyler, came up with a bright idea of writing a children’s book, teaching his young readers how to cook home-made blueberry buttermilk pancakes the easy way. I happen to discover this book at our local library by accident, and thought that my children who loves to read and eat good food, would appreciate reading this unique storybook.

I wasn’t surprised that my wife was all praises for the book, adding that children would understand exactly where the ingredients come from. This reminded me of my young daughter who thought that honey comes from beehives found at our local supermarket! 🙂 Incidentally, the book’s artwork by Craig Frazier was very much appreciated by my kids!

pancake6 rev

The artwork, in fact, was one of the reasons why my kids egged me to try out the recipe. It was a step-by-step easy process complimented by drawings that reminded me of “Peep and the Big Wide World,” one of my kid’s favorite cartoon. So with their help, we tried to make the pancakes and since then, we were all hooked to making pancakes the Tyler way!

The pancakes are healthier, too since Tyler advocates the use of whole wheat flour, which also gives it an extra texture making it more delicious and buttermilk, which gives it a ‘lemony’ or tangy taste. The addition of blueberries on the batter adds a zing and a surprise. My kids watched in amazement as the warmed blueberries burst and mixed with the Canadian (of course…although Tyler makes mention of maple syrup from Vermont!) golden maple syrup turning their pancakes into hues of blue, violet, green and yellow! 😀 In addition, Tyler gives this great tip of keeping the pancakes warm by putting them in a warmed oven while finishing off the rest of the batter.

pancake4 rev

It seems that there’s no turning back for Tyler’s pancakes. My kids are used to having it during weekends that one of them asked me last Friday evening what we were having for breakfast the next day. “Tyler’s pancakes?” she guessed.

Uh, oh…I wouldn’t be surprised if the instant pancake mix left at the cupboard would be forgotten.

PS Check out Tyler Florence’s demo here. For a complete recipe of his blueberry buttermilk pancakes, click here. Apologies for the cropped photo of the book.Incidentally, Tyler Florence came out with a new book “Tyler Makes Spaghetti,” just this year. We already have a copy of this one so you can guess that my kids and I will be cooking Tyler’s spaghetti next. 😀


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