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Re-post: Bamboo Shoots with Vermicelli and Pork Cracklings

We’re reposting this article (first posted May 12, 2012) in honour of Ms. Nora Daza who passed away on September 13, 2013.

Rest in peace and thank you, Ms.Daza!


Philippine Culinary Icon Nora Daza gave my mom a thumbs up for this recipe!

Wearing my psychologist’s hat just one bit tells me that a recurring theme in our blog entries is how our mothers shaped our fondness for good food. We are what you may call as Mama’s kitchen boys! For us, it is mommy who quietly concocts her dish at the kitchen and that a whiff of the food’s flavors escaping the kitchen door was enough to arrest our senses. It could be the reason why Daddy Robert’s memory of his nanay’s Adobo Lavezares is so powerful that cooking the dish without the actual recipe came to him with ease.

The dish featured today, Bamboo Shoots with Vermicelli and Pork Cracklings, is also an example of a recipe that I strongly associate with my mom. The memory of it is so strong that I was able to recall 95% of the ingredients correctly, all from my childhood memory (but I had to call my mom to be sure)! What makes this dish extra special is remembering my mom cook her winning recipe on national TV, next to Nora Daza. Her TV show, Cooking it Up with Nora, was considered a trailblazer on Philippine TV because it featured not only Nora, who was like the Julia Child of the Philippines, but also homemakers and working mothers like my mom! To top it all, this dish was even included in Nora Daza’s Maya Kitchen Tested Recipe Cookbook! Definitely, this is my mom’s signature dish.

And speaking of moms, the Dads of this blog would like to dedicate this recipe to their mothers, their children’s mothers and all the mothers who have become part of their lives. Happy Mothers Day! Cheers!

Bamboo Shoots with Vermicelli and Pork Cracklings (Labong with Sotanghon and Chicharon)

½ kg of preboiled bamboo shoots (labong) or ½ can of bamboo shoots*
¼ kg of vermicelli (sotanghon variety) soaked and softened in water
¼ kg of fresh shrimps
1 cup of shrimp stock (shrimp heads pounded and washed with water)
5-6 cloves of garlic, pounded
1 medium size onion, sliced
2 cups of saluyot (corchorus) or spinach*
¼ kg of lean pork meat, sliced
Fish sauce and pepper to taste, pork cracklings (chicharon) for garnish

1. Sautee onion and garlic in lard or oil.

2. Add lean pork meat and shrimps and continue sautéing.

3. Add the bamboo shoots and the shrimp broth. Season with fish sauce (patis) and freshly grounded pepper.

4. Let simmer for about 3 minutes then add the vermicelli noodles.

5. Finally, add spinach and garnish with pork cracklings.

6. Serve immediately with steamed rice.

Picture source for Nora Daza:


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