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“Life is too short! Eat dessert first!”


I happen to read this blurb at a local flea market one summer weekend at Bracebridge, Ontario. It does captures what summer this year has been like. The warm days seem to be dissipating by so quickly, with only a few weeks away before Mother Nature cues the green leaves to change its colour. Evenings and early mornings have been a bit cold but the noontime and late afternoon sun can still be hot. So because summer it “short,” we thought we should have our dessert first by having fun.


And that’s exactly what we did! My family and I went out on a road trip with friends to enjoy what Mother Nature has to offer.


A quick stop at Bracebridge gave us a chance to look around at a local flea market where they sold anything, including smoked meat and trout!

We even had time to enjoy a farmer’s breakfast at a quaint old restaurant (read: eggs cooked over easy, French toast, pea meal bacon, Vienna sausage, and refillable brewed coffee) before heading further northeast en route to our first stop: Lake Temagami .


Temagami is a sight to behold. A lake surrounded by islands, bays, peninsulas and rivers, Lake Temagami is located in Nipissing District, which is about 80 kms from North Bay. Even if the trip was long, our patience was rewarded by the sight of the endless evergreen forests, the serene bodies of water snaking through the route and the stillness of nature.

Because we hardly brought provisions, we were able to buy some at the town’s local grocer: ribs for barbecue, greens for salad, and hotdogs and marshmallows for the kids.


On our way to the cottage, this float plane caught my attention reminding me how isolated and far we were from the city.


My friend marinated the ribs with her home-made dry seasoning. Other than salt and pepper, she did add some spices which made the ribs taste really good.grilling

Incidentally, it was also the first time I used a gas grill, which confirmed my hunch that charcoal, by far is still the best.

grilled ribs

Because of the apparent lack of butane, it took more than an hour (!) to cook the ribs medium well. The good news was everyone liked it! 😀


Of course, no camping is complete without the traditional bonfire and roasting marshmallows. It made us all remember our service scout days where gathering by the fire meant eating our snacks, singing songs and listening to ghost stories! But what was best was seeing our kids having the time of their lives roasting marshmallows!


Our last stop was McKellar, a township in Parry Sound, Ontario. The place was more rustic and quiet; giving us more time to get away from the humdrum of city life.breakfast2


We did have a chance to have breakfast of bread, jam and coffee by the lake and a lunch of grilled pork chop, barbecue and veggies.

grill food

What a rewarding summer break! Nothing beats communing with nature and enjoying good food with family and friends.


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