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Redefining Good Food

seared cherry tomato pasta

Last week, one of my friends posted this question on Facebook:

TAPWE…can anyone please let me know the origin of this slang?

This expression sounded familiar and dated but when other friends started to post responses, it turned out that tapwe is a Filipino street lingo for the number fifty (singkuwenta). After thanking everyone for their posts, he retorts, “Malapit-lapit na kasi tayo sa age na yan…” (We’re almost nearing that age…) as if to warn us to take care of ourselves and avoid excesses.

Speaking of excesses, some friends who are dads as well told me recently that they have been warned by their physicians to slow down when eating food high in fat. As the saying goes, “what you eat is what you are…” As I write this, I am slowly recovering from a bad case of cough and cold and think about why it matters more to eat good and healthy food. And since I’m lucky to have a wife who’s mindful of what we eat, she took it upon herself to cook a simple pasta dish which she read from the Canadian Living magazine and serve it for dinner. Not only did I feel lighter but I felt better.

Click here to get the recipe and complete instructions to the dish, Seared Cherry Tomato Pasta.

Here’s to our good health, Dads!

Note: For this recipe, my wife used Aurora’s Italian Style bread crumbs instead of dried bread crumbs. I guess it’s the Italian herbs that come with the crumbs which made a difference. Also, she said nothing beats using fresh ingredients so stick to using fresh basil!


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