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Delicious Pancakes Plus One!

Kids, ready na ang hotcake! (Kids, hotcake is ready!)

Our cook beckons and we all rush to the dining room eager to have our share of hotcakes (pancakes to the Generation Y Pinoy) topped with a generous spread of butter and a sprinkling of white sugar (or Karo Syrup). Growing up in suburban Manila, hotcake was staple merienda (snack food) food. Hotcake brand names for us are White King or Maya. Perhaps, it was our own experience of restaurant dining that we found out that hotcake is referred to as pancake and yes, it is breakfast food!

In North America, pancakes are usually served during breakfast at home or in diners. Because it`s easy and quick to prepare, a stack of 12 pancakes is usually ready in less than an hour.  Topped with whipped butter, crispy bacon, some fruit jam or maple syrup, pancakes make a great meal.

For this week`s food blog, we`re doing a redux. Although we`ve featured pancakes as our Valentine`s treat (click here for our pancake recipe) , we thought of adding up a few details for this reissue which we have discovered along the way.

For instance, we found out that adding one piece of blended banana with milk and some walnuts to the buttermilk pancake mix gives the pancake an extra zing.

You can also add fruits and sprinkle some confectioner`s sugar on top, which is a spin-off from our white sugar and butter days!

Or how about adding chocolate bits to the batter and sliced bananas? You can add or mix the fruits and nuts, too; but stick to smaller and more solid pieces (e.g. raisins, blueberries, cheese, slither of almonds) than the ones that might melt during the cooking process.

For instance, adding chocolate chips to the batter can melt and mess up your cooking.  If you’d like a chocolate flavored pancake, you may add some chocolate syrup to the batter then mix it well. However, if you wish to add chocolate chips or bits, make sure to add them when cooking the pancakes and that they are completely immersed in the batter.

This prevents the pancake from having an uneven surface assuring you that the cake cooks evenly once you flip it to the other side. Also, adding sweetened fruits or jam reduces your pancake syrup intake, which is good for diabetics. 🙂

Finally, use non-stick pans. I discovered that when you pour or spray oil on the pan, the pancake does not cook evenly or ends up with slightly singed surfaces. But if you like your pancakes to have a slightly burnt taste, then this is the way to go. You can see the difference between the pancake cooked in oil (left) and the non stick pan (right).

Hey folks! Enjoy and have another hotcake…er…pancake!


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