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Have A SMOOTHIE Summer!

Woo hoo! Summer is finally here! Temperatures have been hovering between the mid 20s to 35 degrees Celsius (90s-100 in Fahrenheit)! Unlike in the tropics where day and night are almost equal in length, Canada and the United States experiences a 14-15 hour of sunshine (our own version of white nights) giving more time for kids to play but a trade-off of having to deal with months of sweltering heat.

As a kid, I remember our summers were spent going to a nearby beach, pine-clad Baguio City, or simply hiking to the small store at our street corner to enjoy a tall glass of halo-halo (a melange of fruits with crushed ice and evaporated milk).

Because I know that preparing halo-halo can be a bit challenging, I thought it would be wiser to stick to something simple and easy to prepare. So my wife and I thought that it would be good to use an ever-reliable blender to make our own cold drinks and avoid sugar-water pop! Fellow dad, Robert, agreed that it may be good to share a smoothie recipe since one usually ends up with a too sweet or too bland smoothie. Fortunately, my ever judicious wife discovered a blend that was borne out of reading the Oster instruction manual. Surprisingly, she ended up with well-blended and refreshing smoothies. Not bad for a recipe coming from instruction manuals!


6 medium-sized strawberries, cut
1 medium-sized banana, cut
4-5 tablespoons of vanilla yogurt
½ cup fresh or skimmed milk
2 tablespoons of white sugar
6 ice cubes
2 scoops of ice cream (optional)

1. Pour ½ cup of milk into the blender and add six ice cubes (approximately 2 cups at a time). Adding more ice cubes without crushing it can cause the blades to jam.
2. Add the fruits and blend for about a minute or until fruits are crushed. Blending it for a longer time will liquefy the fruits. If you want more texture, blend for a shorter time or use the pulse button.
3. Finally, add the vanilla yogurt and white sugar. Blend for about a minute.
4. Pour into a tall glass and serve. Enjoy!

* What makes a good smoothie?

A good blend of fruits and the right amount of milk and or yogurt makes a good smoothie. One of the best smoothies I have tasted is banana-chocolate in a restaurant called Nigi Nigi Nu Noos in Boracay Island, Philippines.

* What’s the difference between a slush, shake, and smoothie?

Smoothies are thicker in consistency because milk, yogurt and/or ice cream are added. Slush is a blend of crushed ice, flavoured syrup and water while a shake is frothy because of the milk and flavouring.


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2 thoughts on “Have A SMOOTHIE Summer!

  1. cynthia on said:

    Thanks for sharing how to make strawberry/banana smoothie. Love, love it! I also started to make dessert and cooking Filipino food again because of you. Thanks guys… Excellent job.

  2. Thank you for the feedback, Cynthia. We’re glad to be of help.

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