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Yummy Hamburger or Juicy Steak Burger?

Hamburgers, hotdogs and French fries have a certain appeal to kids and adults alike. The proliferation and success of fast food chains that carry these food products is proof that in the changing landscape of world cuisine, some people still go for quick, fast and easy to prepare food if given a choice. Hotdogs (like Sabrett of New York) seem to be a favorite choice because it’s easier and quicker for the vendor to prepare and shorter waiting time for the customer compared to hamburger or fries. Boiling, rather than frying, is also healthier and safer; hence, you find food carts selling mostly hotdogs even in service stations!

But my wife and I discovered that our kids still choose hamburgers over hotdogs. Perhaps, there is something about burgers that make it more appealing to them. I remember that even as a child, I preferred eating my mother’s home-made burgers which she would sell in our restaurant in Cubao. I even learned later that she mixed some of the burgers’ condiments in the burger patty itself; like pickle relish, for example. To this day, my mom still serves her juicy burgers at an old Manila café which she has been running for almost a decade.

The burger featured in today’s blog is not the same as mom’s recipe but the taste and juiciness are still there. To my delight, my wife was able to find a way of retaining the burger’s moisture without compromising the taste and quality of the meat. At the same time, because we’re all dads who are mostly in a hurry yet still want a delicious meal, this recipe is quick and easy and is sure to please even the most discriminating palate. You also have a choice of adding gravy depending on whether or not, you and your kids would go for it. For some of us who have been accustomed to pouring gravy on our burger and treating it as a main course a la Jollibee, this can go well with steamed rice as well as with French fries or wedgie potatoes and green salad.

But for those who prefer the bun, the hamburger can stand with or without condiments. For instance, some people prefer not to put ketchup on their burger because they want to savor its natural meat flavor especially if they know that the burger is made mostly from meat.

So cheers to the good ol’ hamburger and enjoy watching your kids gobble up the last morsel! 😀


4-5 pieces of frozen lean hamburger patties
Olive or palm oil for frying
Worcestershire sauce
Hamburger buns
Pepper to taste

Condiments and toppings:
White onions, sliced
Jalapeno pepper

2 tbsp unsalted butter
2 tbsp of flour
1 tsp. soy sauce
1 cup chicken bouillon dissolved in water or chicken stock
½ cup cello mushrooms, sliced

1. Pour olive or palm oil onto the frying pan over medium heat.
2. Once oil is hot, slide down the patties carefully. Remember to fry patties when frozen.
3. When the meat starts to soften, careful prick the patty the fork’s tine creating minute perforations in the process. Then, sprinkle with some Worcestershire sauce on these holes spreading evenly and allowing the patties to absorb the sauce.
4. Repeat the same process to the other side and fry* until meat turns brown.
5. Serve on a bun with your favorite condiments and toppings.

(* Broiling the patties is a healthier option. It also gives it a different flavor.)

If one opts for BURGER STEAK, one can add gravy:
1. Melt butter in a sauce pan over low fire. Remove from heat. Add flour and whisk with a wooden spoon quickly.
2. Heat over low fire then add bouillon whisking constantly until mixture thickens with no lumps.
3. Season with soy sauce and add pepper to taste.
4. Add cello mushrooms and let it simmer in the gravy for 3 minutes or until mushrooms are cooked or tender.
5. Cook for about 5-8 minutes and pour over hamburger. Serve with wedge potatoes or fries.

Thanks to my wife, Isa, for helping me out with this one! 😀

PS  Speaking of burgers, here’s a tutorial on how to hold a hamburger 😀 :


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