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Woo hoo! We’ve been to the “World’s Best Food Market!”

Remember I featured this photo in our Facebook page with the caption, “The best deli food can be found in the market?” Well, I actually took this photo when my family and I went on a trip to St. Lawrence’s Market! Making it to number one on National Geographic’s world’s best food market list is St. Lawrence’s Market Located at the heart of Toronto, the market is not only a must-see, must-visit (or must-eat-there) market because of its connections with the past, but the first-time visitor will be mesmerized by the sight of good food! All kinds of cheese, meat, bread and other deli food are yours for the taking. Located on two levels, most of the food stalls on both levels have been in the same place for decades! They carry the best food from immigrants who have made Canada their home. Similarly, other Canadian treats are available for those who’d like to eat until they drop (from overeating! :-D).

For example, Paddington’s is known for the best pea meal bacon, arguably in our list of Canadian must-eat!

Similarly, cheese connoisseurs will enjoy the Oka Cheese from Quebec which has a slightly pungent smell but a nutty taste.

Other food stalls sell fresh and preserved seafood, home-made jam, bread and pastries, maple syrup (of course!) and a whole lot more.

What completes the experience of buying and eating at St. Lawrence’s is its musicians which invites more people to enjoy its sights and sounds in a more relaxed atmosphere. “It’s a market with a soul,” as one local said.


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