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Your choice: Barbecue or Oven-Baked Ribs?

This one’s a very simple dish which you can prepare for the holidays.  It also depends if the weather is good; otherwise, you have to resort to your trusty oven. 🙂

The first one is a Pinoy version because of the main ingredient. My good friend and fellow dad, Tony Valisno from NY, prepared this one last summer when I joined our high school reunion via Skype. I did not want to just sit in envy watching my friends enjoy the barbecue ribs Tony prepared so I cooked a baked version (we don’t have a barbecue grill yet). Well, what do you know? My kids love it! Hahaha…

By the way, Tony reminded me to buy a charcoal type of barbecue grill and not the gas-type (which is also more expensive). He said using charcoal matters because if one uses the gas-type, one risks having a “gas” after taste (and not pass out gas! hahaha! :D). Finally, do not marinade beyond two days. He said the pork will taste different.  Anyway, here’s Tony’s version of the barbecue spareribs:

Daddy Tony’s Barbecue Spare Ribs

1 bottle of  350 ml. Mama Sita barbecue marinade (usually found in Asian supermarkets in N. America)

1 kilo of pork  spareribs


1. Wash the pork ribs in running water.

2. Pour 1 bottle of Mama Sita barbecue marinade enough to cover the ribs. Marinade for two days.

3. After two days, cook the ribs over a charcoal grill for 20-30 minutes. Cover the grill to give that hickory/smoky taste.

4. Serve with grilled potatoes, roasted pepper, sweet corn and/or steamed rice. Enjoy!

Daddy Jay’s Baked Barbecue Ribs  (Rated “good to the last rib” by my kids)

1. Preheat oven to 300 degrees F for3- 5 minutes.

2. If you choose to bake the ribs, use a Pyrex glass baking dish (my wife was able to buy that Pyrex Easy Grab baking dish for a good bargain!) and pour the barbecue marinade enough to cover the ribs.  For better taste, mix in 1/4 cup of orange juice on the marinade.

3. Cover dish with aluminum foil and bake in 300 degrees F. Cook for about 2-3 hours (Yeah, it’s that long but worth the wait!). Incidentally, I read in Michael Chu’s blog,, that cooking the ribs for a longer time (say, 4 hours) will make the “ribs …hard to lift out of the pan…because the meat will be on the verge of falling off the bones under slight pressure.” He added that “the cartilage will also be soft and practically melt in the mouth.” (wow!)

4.  Serve with buttered corn and carrots, mashed potatoes and/or steamed white rice. Guaranteed to be a hit according to my kids.


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One thought on “Your choice: Barbecue or Oven-Baked Ribs?

  1. tony valisno on said:

    Very nice Jay, cooking in charcoal is much better.

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