Dads Cook Good Food

For dads who enjoy cooking for their families

“Dad’s at the kitchen again!”

One of my earliest memories of my dad is seeing him opening the cooler at the kitchen to grab a bottle of cold beer. He would then reach out from the cupboard a can of roasted peanuts which goes well with the beer. It looked like an almost nightly ritual to us in the family.

This memory, which I thought was a unique experience, was also shared by friends whose dads journeyed to the kitchen for that nightly bottle of beer. “Dad’s at the kitchen to get beer and peanuts” seem to define our generation. But when we became dads ourselves, we defined being at the kitchen differently. We did not only enjoy cold beer but liked preparing food that goes well with the beer (or what we refer to as pulutan, which probably comes from the word, pulot  or to pick, in this case, morsels). Eventually, we went beyond beer and pulutan. Having been influenced by TV and the net, cooking became synonymous to a treasure hunt, which meant unlocking the palates of our wives (who were no strangers to good cooking)  and kids (who continues to be our no nonsense food critics).

And so, when our kids yell, “Mom, dad’s at the kitchen again,” it only means that we are cooking up something good…and delicious!


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